Orchestra of Tomorrow

Gangwon province has the greatest number of school orchestras.
In order to nurture the stars of tomorrow and to galvanize the music curriculum within Gangwon,
festival orchestra members coach the students and perform with them on one stage.

Date  August 6th (visiting and coaching school orchestra)
 August 7th (joint performance)
Location  Alpensia Music Tent
School  Samsung Elementary School, Taebaek
 Sinwang Elementary School, Gangneung
 Geundeok Elementary School, Samcheok
 Hwagye Elementary School, Hongcheon 
 Naechon  Elementary School, Hongcheon
 Pallyeol Middle School, Hongcheon
Instructor  PyeongChang Festival Orchestra Members
violin – Minkyung Sul, Chung Yoon Choe, Ji Hun Park
 viola – Taeksun Hwang
 cello – Young-Phil Hyun, Youngki Lee, Hyungjin Jang
 flute – Sunghyun Cho, Youngki Lee, Hyungjin Jang 
 oboe – Kyeong Ham, Jiyoung Kim, Kihoon Hong