Wonju Civic Chorale

Wonju Civic Chorale was founded in 1988 and taken into shape when the choirmaster Jung Nam Gyu took the leadership in 1997. The chorale was reshaped as a professional one in 2006. Since then it has been conducting over 60 concerts annually including regular performance, planned concert and invited concert. Wonju Civic Chorale has a very unique sound from a combination of profound resonance which can be experienced from the European choir and clear sound of traditional Korean Choir. Wonju Civic Chorale’s musical growth gave a chance to participate in a film called “Harmony” as actors (prison choir) and in the original sound track. Wonju Civic Chorale have been invited to Korean Choral Music Grand Festival, the biggest choir festival in Korea from 2007 to 2019, 13 times consecutively as a main performer and to “2014 International Federation for Choral Music” along with Ansan City Choir and Incheon City Chorale.