James Alexandropoulos-McEwan

James is a Greek – Scottish composer and electric guitarist whose work seeks a space between contemporary classical, rock, improvisational and electronic music, and also includes installation-like musical performances. He earned a First-Class Honours BMUS in composition from Birmingham Conservatoire, and a MMus in composition from The Royal Conservatoire of the Hague, where he received a distinction “for the development of a new musical praxis and relation with audience through new techniques and technology”. His work has been performed at Korzo Theatre (Den Haag), the Muziekgebouw (Amsterdam),Tivoli Vredenburg (Utrecht), has been featured in the Gaudeamus Muziekweek in Utrecht. James was also resident composer in Quatuour Bozzini’s 2018 Composer’s Kitchen and was recently commissioned by The Hague Municipality’s 2018 C.I.D. Conferance for which he developed through collaboration the immersive audio/visual work Detached [ but InterConnected -?- ). He is also having his piece Reverb Music in a new arrangement for orchestra (created by the composer himself) presented at the Athens 2019 Athens Tectonics festival.