A string quartet selected by MPyC’s Pick will receive chamber music lessons from Novus String Quartet
as well as the opportunity to perform on stage with them.
Also, selected teams will receive benefits such as free instruction, free accommodation, practice rooms
and free entrance to main concerts.

The selected team must come up with a Lobby Concert program (30 minutes to 45 minutes).

MPyC’s Pick Schedule

The first week of August : Group Coaching(two times)

The second week of August : Lobby Concert / Special Concert / Outreach Concert

Q1. May I apply for both MPyC’s Pick and Master Class programs?

A1. You may apply for both, but because the schedule for each program is tight, overlaps in schedule        may occur, and you may not be able to take part in both.

Q2. What are the audition criteria for MPyC’s Pick?

A2. Novus Quartet judges the videos and selects the team.

Q3. How many pieces should I submit, and how long should each piece be?

A3. You may submit a free-choice program lasting 10 minutes or longer.

Q4. How many pieces do we perform during MPyC’s Pick?

A4. You should prepare a recital program (minimum 30 minutes, maximum 45 minutes), in addition to a piece to be performed together with Novus Quartet.

Q5. Are there practice rooms available?

A5. During your stay at Alpensia, practice rooms will be provided.

Q6. Is there a specific site I need to use for links to the audition video?

A6. You may use any site to upload the audition videos.

Q7. Is there a meal stipend?

A7. The accommodation, lessons, use of practice rooms and entrance to main concerts are provided, but meals are not included.

Q8. Is there an age limit?

A8. There is no age limit.