Special lectures will be given by various music experts to advance students’ musical expertise and career prospects.

As part of the 16th MPyC’s program “4 Seasons of Gangwon: Fall,” a Young Artist Concert as well as a special lecture by Sung Eun Kim (Director: Institute of Musical Development) will be held. These events will provide middle and high school students in Gangwon Province with the chance to grow artistically and to take part in MPyC. 

Young Artists Concert

  • Date :  November 16th, 2019 (Sat)  2pm – 3: 30pm
  • Location: Chuncheon Youth Center Concert hall
  • Content : 강원도 중·고등학생 종합실기대회 입상자 초청공연

Special lecture by Sung Eun Kim: “It was all because of rhythm: happiness through superb rhythmic training

  • Date : Novemver 16th, 2019 (Sat)  4pm – 5pm
  • Location : Chuncheon Youth Center Concert hall
  • Lecturer : Sung Eun Kim (김성은 발달음악연구원)
  • Target : 강원도 실기대회 winners, students, parents etc
  • Content: a close look at psychological motivation as a music student as well as a guide to career path

※ Program and schedule are subject to change.

As part of MPyC’s program Gangwon’s Four Seasons: “Summer,” artistic director Yeol Eum Son visited Gangwon Arts High School and gave a special lecture with a Q&A session, helping students enrich their dreams and visions.

  • Date : June 3rd
  • Location : Gangwon Arts High School